They Don't Know

By: Drew Gilworth

“Work Harder,
Do better,
Study more,
Don’t act stupid,
Pay attention.”
These are the things that run through my mind nonstop,
But they don’t know.
I call myself dummy after dumb blonde,
But they don’t know.
I think that I'm the most stupid, and irresponsible person in my family,
But they don’t know.
I act happy to make me feel happy,
But they don’t know.
When I feel upset I study because I believe that my intelligence is the root of all my anger,
But they don't know.
If I had the chance to talk to my past self, I'd tell her to eat whatever she wants because in the
future your body equals your personality,
But they don’t know.
At night I lie in my bed reviewing my homework because I don't want to make a mistake,
But they don't know.
In the morning I complete a mental checklist because I don’t want anything to be different,
But they don’t know.
When people look at me I want them to see the perfect girl that I’ve imagined in my head,
But they don't know
because I don't know
who that girl is.