By: Chris Wernimont

Last week I found my friend’s fake ID’s
One form Towson, Maryland, where she is 23
One form an address in Scottsdale, Arizona
Each card different, each with a new persona

In one, she is 6’3” and has eyes of blue
In another, she’s 5’ 2” and has a face tattoo
The one from Washington says she is an organ donor
But she has no heart, and if she does it’s a misnomer

Despite all the lies, one thing was consistent
Each one has the same picture, but each person is different
She uses them to cheat her identity
But which cold, plastic card is she?
Is it the one where she lives at the address next to mine,
Sitting in the kitchen, just passing time?

I took a step back, seeing pictures but not a person
Who is this, which one, what version?
I looked at her, just as counterfeit and fabricated as her ID’s
A strange