Like Spearmint and Snow (no blues)

By: Isabelle Shachtman

Why do they keep praying
If nothing has changed

Sleeping under dark clouds
Thankful for things
Like spearmint and snow
Senses like
A rotting apple
An eyeball
Out of socket
I can see clearly now

Teenagers sucking
Smoke just to feel something

As if a life was a means
And the way was a passing
And a high was the body
Kinesthetic communism

Lying prostrate
To ignore all that matters
When images steep
In the shadow the moon makes

Dreams that you won’t ever find you
When you finally are lost

Live and let fight to keep alive

Mad in the mind
Passionate in the heart
Dying slowly

So maybe that
If we get close enough
To the end
We’ll immortalize

Living sacred lies
Sweet unlike honey
Thin and staggering
Like horizontal patterns of rain

And invigorating like mint to the mind
Yet tepid
Plain smooth soil

Be still
While they
From tall trees and boxes
Ignore them as they seem

Inspire spearmint
Feed them sand
Masked in snow

Praying for the nearest fallen
Dying only as they please
You can’t believe in love
If you don’t believe

Do all things
Like turning off light
When the the time comes around

Turn the corner
And look back
Regret all the stupid stuff you did

The lost life is sad
The gained life is empty
And the borrowed life is shame
Straight from mother’s blood and guts
And dad’s cells

Who would be a mother
To disobey god’s plan
Goddamn your kitchen timer

God was a child
When it made this
So grow up
Learn how to take out the trash

Scratch out your eyes
And throw them into the sewer

Mind the water
When it’s too hot

Cause you’ve come to know
The sea as shoreless

Ignore all thought
And life will be boreless

Think about the sad stuff
While you got the chance

Be sad as hell
Cause maybe
This is the only hell you got

When they stop praying, goddamnit,
I swear to god
We’ll stop dying