By: Olivia Dugan

There once was a girl named Sarah
But no one knew her name.
“Loser!” the prissy, perfect girls screeched.
The word sang in her ears.

The night arrives.
She is crying herself to sleep.
Nobody cares for her.
She didn’t realize the words would hit so deep.

The morning comes and the sun rises.
She walks into school like a nobody.
“Stupid!” the same girls yell, followed by more comments
With a tear streaming down Sarah’s face,

She walked home with tears in her eyes.
Sarah did not understand why they picked on her.
She did not understand why people did not stand up for her.
She did not understand why she listened to them in

By the next day, she had the routine down.
Get bullied by the girls, cry, and walk home confused.
Sarah was a show for the other students,
as they stand by and watch.
They never said anything,
they were quiet as the tears roll down her cheek.

This time will be different she told herself
As the cruel words were about to escape the girls’ mouths,
“Stop it!” Sarah screamed right in the mean girls’ faces
They were about to fight back but something stopped them.