private poem

By: Yasi Farahmandnia

there are years to work out the kinks.

my hands buzzing and my tongue stuck to the back of rusty teeth, i scream to write in an unmarked


but spit wets the page instead.


i want to communicate by destroying our common language.

agreement in disaster is bonding,

throwing sand in each other’s eyes and cursing at the coarseness of it is bonding,

loving you through ignored calls is bonding,

tasting a little blood from the bite mark i left on your shoulder is bonding,

laughing at me at the presence of the New is bonding,

taking my door out of frame is bonding,

yelling and swearing at me in our new house is bonding,

ultimatum is bonding,

the shy shocked absent hello is bonding,

speaking of me only in half-letters and private poems is bonding,

we are bonding.

do you see now why i want to speak in code?