Poem Number Three

By: Miles Bredehoeft

It’s been five days,
But more than five days have been accomplished
It doesn’t feel like years have past,
Only that the beginning seems like years ago
It’s time to leave, to another world
But the world we leave will never leave us

People are made for people
To conjugate
To assemble
To be near
To grow alongside,
Providing steps where there are none
But it is deeper than that
There is a connection
Like a river trickles and flows past rocks,
Others trickle and flow past you,
Leaving you different than you were before
Now you are wet,
Now the hidden is made known
Now part of you is gone,
Now you are more focused
And as the river of humanity flows,
Its features become more and more defined
They’re sharper, the current is swifter
For everyone involved

There is a danger
To be swept away by the wild center current
But meaning is found on the outside
Beyond the mass flow,
To the edge where you are sharpened, formed, defined
and perfected
Without the friction, dull would stay dull
Without the friction, broad and unspecific would stay
broad and unspecific
After the river erodes the old,
The new is left, primed to live full

The worlds, the rivers of people are to be taken with love
Letting them affect you, the way you cannot affect
Be mindful of passiveness, be easy to refinement
That is when time begins to drift away,
You consumed in your new end,
Happy as a fish being propelled to the ocean
Swimming with confidence and joy in the moment
Knowing what is behind, thankful for what is ahead
Swimming with the river to new worlds