By: Bryson Vanlandingham

My name is Peaches,

I am not very fond of Big Joe,

I think my mother deserves better than a man with dough.

He is selfish, impatient, and acts like a child,

Even though he helps people, and he has a very big smile.

My mother deserves better than Mr. Old Big Joe,

She sees him as a funny man with dough,

But I can see,

Something that my mother doesn’t, it is just that he,

Really likes my mother,

He treats her with care, but I think he is a bother.

He thinks it’s funny to fake being dead,

He lies in his coffin like he is in a bed.

Smirking and thinking that it is funny,

To spend all that money,

Even though he is not dead.

My name is Peaches,

And I am not fond of Big Joe,

My mother deserves better, than a man with dough.