Past Memories: an excerpt

By: Grant Hampton Glover

“Hostile vehicle moving to desired location, ”Ryan heard his spotter and put his handheld bible back into his shirt pocket. Ryan’s face was smeared with camouflage paint, and his rifle was covered in a rifle wrap, with his Ghillie suit covering the rest of his body. “Two Charlies coming off the truck,” the spotter was stating as he looked into his binoculars. “Looks like they are going to harass these innocent Southern Vietnam villagers... hold on...I think I have spotted the target.”

“Confirm it,” Ryan said in a commanding whisper.

“Yep, Trang Pham, target confirmed.”

“Call him out.”

“Target,” Ryan put the butt of his rifle into his shoulder, and stared down his scope. “Sector bravo, Officer next the vehicle with the belt-fed weapon, wind four quarter value, push three left.”

“Range it.”

“500 meters.”

“Hold scope...Fire when ready.”

Ryan looked down his scope at his target. “Long target,” he thought to himself. Ryan saw the target and waited to get a clear shot, two soldiers were blocking him, until Trang Pham came into view. The sniper began to steady his breathing. Trang grabbed a Vietnamese woman and began talking to her; she tried to get away from him. “I gotta nail this guy before things get ugly real fast.” Ryan held his breath. He put his finger on the trigger and slowly began to pull it back to him. The shot surprised him a little.

His spotter whispered to him, “Hit, target down.” It was like a whispering wind as he said it. So silent.