By: Anonymous

It is the spirit that fuels the body.
It awakens fires long burned cold.
It restores the broken heart.
It heals the scars cut long ago.

From the sea of stars above to the lands of pleasant hills,
Towering stone, lively forest and silent streams,
It can be found.

Like a wind from northern vales it blows across the land,
Bringing leaves of stories that color the darkened world.
With the pen and paper it reveals secrets of the soul.
With paper and pencil it embodies fantasies of the mind.

It is the source of competitions.
It challenges the traditions of old.
It empowers men to fight.
It molds the boy into a man.

Sacrifice it values.
Oaths it honors.
Dedication and Pain it requires.

It is Passion.
It loves all people.
It paves roads for others to trend on.
It solidifies communities.

Passion is love that dwells in the soul.