Ode to Saxophone

By: Ali Robinson

I awaken you from your slumber,
as I slide you out of your safe, velvet bed.
I ask you to help me play the tunes
that dance around in my head.
I taste the sweet cleanser that resides on your reed,
as I dampen it, 
oh, ever so carefully.

I blow into your mouthpiece with ease
and feel your cool metal vibrate beneath my fingers.
Then emerging from your golden yellow bell
is a beautiful tone that lingers. 
I begin to feel the rhythm,
start to feel the rhyme.
I love your music, Saxophone
Wish I could play you all the time. 

Then after a while I start to feel it,
a feeling I know all too well.
The feeling of total breathlessness that only you can give.
So I take a breath and allow my lungs to swell.
And then I say,
Saxophone, you take my breath away,
in the best kind of way.