neighbor’s shopkeeper bell

By: Yasi Farahmandnia

you are

one of the more lovelier sounds.

i find these days,

i can replicate you if i close my ears enough:

the clash of my spoon with the ice cream bowl,

the kiss my lighter leaves on the body of a candle,

you are in the cracking on my knuckles, if a marimba cries in the background.


breath comes easier with you in my ears,

lungs expand to the rhythm of you,

my window dances its stiff movements at the hint of you,

color comes alive on the table.

there are markings on the sides of my brain.

fluid resistant and etched like a wound,

you travel in the friday market and buy my affection.


we could dance if you oblige.

each time i’ll steal a piece of you

i’ll store you in a tight pocket

and one day you’ll be more than


solid and feeling in my arms.

i’ll even light a candle and bring ice cream.

you are more than a memory.

leave your purchase at home,

i’ll have enough for the both of us.