My Record Player and You

By: Tasia Jewel

My record player- The warm sound of “Ultraviolence” circling through my room like nothing I’ve ever heard before. Connected with the music. 

        You look at me and you soon know my entire story, a story of sadness turned into bliss but only because of you- connected

My record player- sitting across from me as I lay in bed. I’m in a state of peace and comfort but soon I am Uneasy and distressed. Side A- done- sudden silence. Has twenty six minutes passed already?

        It’s so soon but then again, it’s not. Time is irrelevant when it comes to you.
You left…….I turned my record player on. The lyrics and melodies clashing with any thoughts of you. 

My record player- side B- a contrast from side A, but the same warm sound filling my room once again quieting my thoughts until they are lost
but only for twenty nine minutes.

        You reentered my life. I’ve found my home in you. How can I let something go that makes me feel completely understood, completely sound and completely harmonious?

My record player and you.