Mother Fletcher

By: Ashley Ruckman

My skin dark as a winter’s midnight,
Tiny body as delicate as morning light.
As worn as dusty books on the attic floor,
Don’t expect things to happen on their own anymore.
My eyes like coal in a lifeless fireplace,
Beneath a dark and bony face.

The best things in life are not out in plain sight,
Sharing is the key to unlocking delight.
Giving sweaters is my way of saying,
“Thanks for all the help you’re displaying.”
This is what our earth needs,
More love, kindness, and benevolent good deeds.

Thanking others means a lot,
For all the helpfulness they’ve brought.
When they know how much you care,
Friends appear out of thin air.
These companions will stick by your side,
The bonds will never be untied.

But all thanks have very different looks,
Doesn’t have to be expressed by knitting hooks,
It doesn’t even need to be classy,
Or big or bold or slightly flashy,
Gratitude shown in a simple way,
To show your thanks and make someone’s day.