Lonnie Jackson

By: Jacob McIntire

The days are piling up,
But I can’t move,
So little motivation,
Yet so much to prove.
I don’t want to be here,
But don’t know how to get away,
My only escape,
Is the game that I play.

I know that I’m good,
But for Cal I’m not great,
Playing for this wino,
Just fuels my hate.
He wants me to trust,
But what do I decide?
Do I play for him,
Or do I hide?

Now for Mary-Ann,
Foil Tyrone’s plot,
I never thought I’d do the right thing,
By giving up the final shot.
But now I wonder to myself,
What was the moment worth,
As we stand here mourning,
Knowing Cal will go in the dirt.

One more walk, with Mary-Ann,
College now, my future plan.
Now I am certain, my days will not pile,
That is at least, not for a while.