Living Redwood

By: Angela Clem

A Giant
A Living Freak of Nature
A Redwood.
Tall, upstanding, huge, strong, ancient
At least
 2,400 years old
People look at it in wonder.
“Wow! Amazing!” They say
And I agree
But I don’t
I think it’s unbelievable and amazing too
But I think that because I wonder
I wonder how a simple tree- so inferior,
others tell me, to mankind could go on When it sees civilization grow around it
Killing its family
Using its friends, relatives, even its own boughs
and branches, for homes or buildings.
Yet it keeps on going
1,000 years ago, it might have thought
Just one more year
One more year of torture and sadness
But its perseverance is big and mighty just like itself
I myself can barely live twelve years, let alone
It’s so hard when you see different
Species Breeds
Of cruelty Making you feel small
Until you don’t exist.