By: Anonymous

To my vocal chords ring
That you could be me
You fall for me like Autumn leaves
I am pollen in the Spring
You love me, but I am your allergy

The stage, I’m on it
The light, I want it
‘cause I’ll discuss the truth with all of you
The blues, I fought it 
Wave maker, heart breaker
Speaking urgently like we’re all in danger
I been saying words

So have you heard
This is for the common good
The rumor, the word,
She brightens the world
Dude, I heard that
Audrey been singing
80 songs a day
Since age 8
She made great
New melodies, with her guitar she’ll play

… I’m being honest like that sweet green tea
Not popular, but healthy
My mouth’s the open mic
My heart is the MC
My brain’s the only part thinking logically
Better than Selena when I write words
A soul singer
…No really, I stole singers

Listen, open your ears to me
It’s necessary that you heard
Because I’m like your wifi password
My ego is Blue’s Clues 
A mystery, I don’t know what to do
But hope I’m not misconstrued
I’m trapped in my metaphors
But, I’ll open the cage for you

It was right there
You knew I had to pull the trigger
Cause if I’m given bullets to good lyrics, I’m gonna shoot ‘em
A play on words
A simile
A story of how I came to be
A helpful nerd who struggles
A girl who still doesn’t know how she’ll fit in the world’s puzzle

Listen, these other singers got me wishin’
Their voices shake me
And I don’t belong to be on a stage where they once stood
I been on this Earth enough time to know
When lyrics are powerful enough to get emotional
Believe that there’s more than just a flow
And listen loud enough to grow
Cause there’s a seed in every body
Thirsting for nourishment,
the words that speak to it
I’ve seen death,
And I’ve seen life
But a metaphor, a melody, a mic, musical style
Helped me believe I am worth while
So I confess I’m afraid of when the song decays
Cause when I played
They heard my voice, but now the outro fades
I gotta leave the stage
So I apologize for any arrogance
I may have portrayed when strummin’ this
Attempting to leave my everything
Up on the stage, forgive me
People tell me I can sing
My mind tells me they don’t know a thing
I’ve left my heart in my guitar strings
When I play, you hear it calling

But I still thank the audience for listening to my anthem
For allowing me to sing about
My glass heart and how it shatters
Tears will stream on the pages as I close this chapter
This for the ones with no ears to listen,
Every voice who has been
Singing all along