By: Richard George

spectra of light shine in and out of
view a rainbow of emotions envelope the
mind as the music pumps harder and louder and faster
computer static is in my ears like bugs
piercing my eardrum drums faster and harder and louder as tears

on a bed
stained by a waterfall
wrenched and exposed its foam innards
of a mattress aged by years of overuse
i think i should buy a new one
it’ll be more white, pristine, and opulent
my past won’t line its edges
and my future won’t be shackled by it
i think the darkness of the room will blend in with its
seamless, pearl-like color and the new bed will be
the biggest in a small room
i’ll sleep better more and the nights won’t be as dark
or as small or as poor and those nights
won’t be stained by the floods that rush in
day by day

pump up the music
that should blare through the entire town let them feel the rage of a lonely heart
that wants love
harder and faster and louder and let them be flooded with feelings unbounded
silence should forever escape and their ears rot

thunderous lights and blistering eyes glare into my small, pin-holed windows investigators of an unseen crime
journalists to an anonymous person
i maintain the most frugal lifestyle unassuming and unapparent

it requires the most perfect adjustments
my hair and clothes and general fit
procured like from a magazine catalog
i shop myself and with my own money of course
this graphic design is out of a mind unbounded
forever inspected like a cadaver
body atomized
form segmented
soul detached from its body
euphoria forever denied
replaced by more deeper emotions from the crevices
of a criminal’s heart
it’s imprisoned

    but i think it’s better that way

society seeks to render myself a pathology
so i’ll infect it
    rightfully so
it’ll be virulent, and oh so, transmissible

this virus will penetrate their cells,
        change their c.o.n.s.t.r.u.c.t.i.o.n.
    and their innards turned red like a cherry
blossoms in spring
like mushrooms from their skulls
transmitting spores

lay dormant
ready to burst open
at the sound of their piercing