Letters 4-4 A.D.

By: Bowie Bladee

Letters 4-4 A.D.

“Supersoaker, LG Smart Refrigerator,” par II

I hope you enjoyed my soliloquy. And I know you did--your mouth is practically open right now. Practically open... Yeah. I'm jotting that down.

Speaking of-- Some of Bismuth is Björk lyric. Some is overheard, or said in passing and forgotten, else wise thought nothing of. Then some of it comes from nothing, from nowhere, white light, the tinny tin of white noise--The Hum. Of course, that's no marvel.

It's only Universe, and isn't that the story of everything, anyway? White light, white noise, murmuration. A humming, pitter patter by the doorway. For ever. Spinning, turning that wheel, weaving thread of silkworm to gold, back to feather

The seamstress sits and spins around in the quadruplical office chair. It's almost five. It's always like that, it seems--always almost some time, some when, some thing. As if, in fact, what's real is that it is always now, for ever. Strange isn't it. I said to my friend recently. Said, hey, you know, I had an epiphany in the bathroom. Told him I'd been thinking about it again--thinking about thoughts, the fixture of the fiction. Thinking about the numbers, the number, thinking about zero, holes, blackened, the blackness in the white. Worm holes out for ages, for ever, it feels like. Now, straighten up. Here's what she told me: Said, I had an epiphany in the bathroom. Shitting

Said, you know the particles? The points. Or,

Fuck. What is any thing any way

Which is beside the point--back to front, back to story. Here's what I told him.

Said, You know how, for that point, the dot on the number line, if you will, the first Experience parallels the last? Said,

By that, you know. Fuck, what I mean is,

Know how the first Experience is, fundamentally, actually, in actuality identical fraternal twin

Or twinsite, as in parasite

Of that particle's last One?

She told me, Dude, what I'm trying to say is

"Carpe diem. Seas of bank foreclosures, the Alchemist

Yoga in the Bay. Crystal chakras, the tantric Vedas

Art and copulation and the Kuma Satra [sic]

Collecting dust on the shelf on the cover"

Carpe diem...It's banal, right?

Brews in the belly, nauseating, Foucaltic, derided spectacle

So commonplace to not even inspire a reaction, I know, that's what he said to me.

But this much is true

For the point, for the human

Only true time is now, now time

Noon time, noon times

Time as a verb, the vociferous vocabulary

Selena's scaly, scaly tongue

See... That was just spitballing. Not even bullshitting you. Wrote that off the top of my head. Off the vyvanse, yeah, but I'm also ADHD and maybe possibly a genius. Or just really hot and cool.

Need you to check the socials, if you haven't yet. Can say confidently that I have that It factor, celebrity if you will. So, open, open now, orifice. Cover up, cover down, book me a deal and let's make some music

Look forward to hearing back from you expediently. I'm pink with something anticipatory...

Sent from my Supersoaker, LG Smart Refrigerator