It Isn't Me

By: Matthew Justis

I wake up
Brush my teeth
Then look into the mirror.

I see a kid
Who looks confused
About his true self.
I don’t know who.
But it isn’t me.

I see a painter
Who lost his touch
As years go by.
He lost his art.
But it isn’t me.

I see an athlete
Who looks tired
Of the same route.
Run there and back
And repeat.
But it isn’t me.

I see a dreamer
Who looks curious
About what he will do.
Who will he become?
But it isn’t me.

This boy stares deep inside me,
Trying to release my inner self.
He shows me many things.

I am a kid.
I am a painter.
I am an athlete.
I am a dreamer.

I am me.