Isolated Symmetry

By: Natalie Prauser

i'll carry my fault to the sea and salt 

and i know it's dragging me along 

i wish i was more than a hollow frame 

riding through time on a tidal wave 

and i know i won't be here long 

so cut me open and count my rings 

to know such incalculable things 

cause everything is just spiraling 

all i've ever been i will be 

and i know i'm growing, growing, gone 

and from now on i can do no wrong 

cause i know this has all been done 

what good is it to be stuck on repeat 

in isolated symmetry 

but i know i'm never alone 

i know i'm never alone 

you and i will meet 

on a cosmic street 

where the people are all stars 

driving around in cars 

and everything looks strange 

when you're floating through space 

this is home 

but you feel out of place