If Only it Wasn't a Dream

By: Christopher Moore

I can hear the loud silence
coming from the 100s of seats.
The pristine Steinway grand sits right in front of me.
I touch the black bench and feel its leathery surface.
I sit down and realize

the seating arrangements are all right!
The crowd falls silent and I stretch my
arms out towards the milky white keys.
A wave of confidence crashes over me and
I start playing.
My fingers run over the keys fine and the

dynamics and tempo are superb.
The crowd sits silent and in awe.
The voice of the piano transforms into
a deer hopping around a luscious green forest.
An enormous crescendo roars from the piano and

gasps from the audience emerge.
The sounds change into a erupting
volcano with magma oozing out.
The crowd starts to stand up and yells
I scale up the piano and a sudden
dinging noise fill my head.
It won't stop. I reach over and

click the snooze button on the alarm clock.
It was all a dream.
A sudden depression hits me and I pull the covers over my head.
Maybe one day that could be a reality.....