Iconic Narcotic

By: Anton Caruso

iconic narcotic, cut it with a straight edge, that’s ironic, feelings are chronic, brought without logic, she broke in with a lock pick, to purify the toxic, joint sockets, fill his deep pockets, talk to him, but change the topic

sporadically lethargic, emotionally allergic, is he artistic or autistic, puzzling simplicit, awkwardly explicit, he’s mad, he’s livid, water color skin contains his mind’s limits

he’s got half a lung, half of half a lung yellowed teeth with bleeding gums, coffee stained ivory picked by twitching thumbs, he’s just a kid with a gun, he kids just for fun, he’s a kid just for fun

he’s sleep deprived, the dead hour arrived, right on time, but he feels alive, he’s exhausted yet he thrives, he kills brain cells to kill time, he turns on the tv and hears
black lives black lives, gold badges and black ties, news reporters with cat eyes, red faces telling white lies, white wine and bleach blonde orange county housewives, he just sighs and  turns it off, he turns over and turns off

His message subliminal, his movements are minimal, rotting millennial, plastic surgeon general, says he’s feral, he’s illiterate, he’s sterile, he’s ignorant

he has chewed finger tips, finger tips ripping away at dead skin lips, synthesized loops played over teasing hips, he has a final night list, a euthanizing wish

she’s hooked to an iv drip, she’s hooked on a blank face, her mind is a fever, she always talks about getting her own place, she always talks about how she needs space, she always talks about how the fun is in the chase, she always talks, 

she’s bitter sweet like a found dog poster, she leaves her mark wherever she goes, so she brings a coaster, she just coasts, she just coasts through her life, she’s a roller coaster, she’s alive in the night, ever since she broke up with the sun, ever since she left the kid with the gun