how to write a poem

By: Miah Clark

snap the barrel of a boy fully loaded with good intentions 
and shoot yourself.

break your own heart,
into jigsaw puzzle pieces 
so you can practice the art of putting yourself back together.

look your life in the eyes,
remind her to breathe while
you pull the knives from her wounds.
taste the blood;
know it doesn’t have to be sweet. 
lick your lips, then bite;
lift dead from plush
and swallow skin
that tastes of your last kiss 
when wet again.

beg at the foot of the door
your darkest thoughts hide behind.

think vividly of all the faces who have hurt you
and tell them you love them,
especially when you don’t. 
think vividly of all the faces you’ve hurt 
and tell them you’re sorry,
especially when you aren’t.

cookie cut your flesh and frost it with your spirit;
serve yourself on small, decorated plates.
wait patiently for the fizzing in your heart
or the ache in your arms
when the hungry decide whether or not they like you.

feel everything to your marrow,
then give away the only thing that’s deeper.