Holes in the Heavens

By: Drew Wilson

The sky is bright
But the Stars are cold
Like eyes, they twinkle
Ancient and old
Looking down on the Earth far below
They watch and wait,
And what’s more, they know
They look down, older than time
Staring at me
Like I’ve committed a crime
One must wonder,
If I were to poke a god in the eye
The Stars, would they blink, or fall from the sky?
Though it seems, at times, a great deal odd
They’re just balls of gas,
Not the eyes of a god
Stars hold a magic all of their own
It grips the world, like a dog grips a bone
The Sun, bright and golden
With its skin scorching rays
Can’t hold a candle to their cold, searching, gaze
The Sun sears your flesh
But the Stars steal souls
I look at the sky
And in the Heavens, see Holes.