Forever in Paradise

By: Emily Steinmetz

Not all passion is love or an action, 
it is a feeling and can be full of hatred.
The enemies of which we seek,
the monsters that we associate in our dreams are stuck within our heads.
Little do we know we could have hate with a passion as pure as beauty and as sincere as brutality. 
Tell me that passion is all about love, 
tell me there hasn’t been a time in your life where you felt passion that was full of hatred.
Like the wars of the seas,
the fire that burns brighter than the sun.
Never ending will it go out till you are fused with understanding. 
You must never give into the monsters that fill your mind with darkness,
they are exploding with a fatal passion. 
It isn’t the kind we see through the people and couples that we pass on the sidewalks,
It is what is hidden behind closed doors.
I believe that passion is more than love and hate,
It is a feeling that we all have to face.
Never give in to the monsters of your life,
for passion you will grieve forever in paradise.