By: Richard Koulen

One star, a single shining star,
Made us today, who we are.
When rocks both smooth and coarse,
Came together with force.
When the galaxy was new,
Something in space was a brew!

Still long ago, but Earth has formed,
When all the large creatures swarmed.
The atmosphere back then was thin,
So Earth was sent into a spin!
When the meteor smashed the Earth,
There was not a single sound.
         And not a single sound.

Very few lived through the big blow,
Even in life, they must hang low.
Slowly working their way around the fiery pit,
The animals began to grow some wit.
Then primates were born with something new,
Their back was no longer a slew!

These primates with a straight spine,
Were, simply put, completely divine!
Now this species was using tools,
These apes were no longer fools,
For they are humans!

Running like the wind, light on their feet,
All of the humans began to meet.
The humans began to make a home,
While further mixing up their genome¬.
Inside of their colonies,
They started to make discoveries.

And then came some idiosyncrasies,
Like Aristotle, Homer, and Socrates.
All we found was more and more,
Until one time we asked, “What more can we implore?”
From this question we’ve made many things,
We’ve made electricity, screws, motors, and springs.

Now as fast as a rabbit I must go,
But there is something else you ought to know.
The past is in the past.
And there are still questions to be asked.
So ask yourself this question today:
“Will I change the world someday?”