Escaping This Place

By: Michelle Lascon

This is not my place.

The smile I wear is fake.

Constantly fighting to escape your


The proof of my struggles remains on

my face.

Through tears in the dark I turn over

to see-

A stranger, a monster, lying next to me

I lay awake planning again and again

The fastest way out inside of my head

Its time. This time-

All of my bruises will heal

But forever will you live with all the

guilt that you feel-

Or do you feel?

Or did whatever conscious that you

had drowned in my tears?

Do you have any remorse for causing

me fear?

Do you understand consequence or

live your life mocking it?

And when the devil on your shoulder

talks, do you just bow down to it

I’m leaving.

No longer will I cry like a fool.

I wouldn’t spend another second living

under your rule.

I’d rather fight and run bare-footed

into the night.

Praying to God that I can escape this


If not, okay.

I’ll take what I can take.

Anything is better than this cold, evil


I’ll go wherever I have to,

And I’ll accept any fate.

Anything is worth it to escape this