Empty Suitcase

By: Rylee Wilson

Some of us haven’t quite found a place
We wander with suitcases full of self-doubt and worry
We flit from person to person seeking acceptance
We run from place to place
searching for a passion where we can direct the never ending flow of time
so we can waste it in a straight line instead of in a zigzag
We search to find the point of our travels in the big things –
the lies we tell our teachers when we say we want to find a noble profession
that will give us a high income but
will not bring us happiness and won’t give us a place.
We seek our place in our friends
but they are a little different than us
How can they understand us
if we can’t understand ourselves?
It is like living in a home where
the roof is a mirage
and the walls are very real.
All we can do is wander in limbo
and hope the ideas of big dreams, place and happiness
were not a lie we were told
so the adults can feel better about themselves.