Dear Me: 1 Year Ago

By: Emme Mackenzie

Dear Me,

You lose in the end.

In the end, you cry for 6 months and spend sleepless nights wondering why you weren’t enough.

In the end, your bedsheets become tissues for your tears and your pillow becomes a microphone.

Sadness will shake the walls of your room.

The volume is turned all the way up.

Your favorites songs will be ruined forever

because now they’re not just your favorites.

You have to share them. It’s going to hurt,

but it gets better.

Your tears will water the vines rooting you to the ground.

They will grow flowers out of your misery.

Let them watch as you bloom during the rainiest days.

You learn to love yourself, before loving someone else

and that is the most important thing.

You will be happy and full of life again.

After all, here I am.

Do not become the person who broke you.