By: Justine Greig

I have not changed at all.
It is not true that
I have changed for the better from experience.
It is genuine when I say that
I have not tried to apologize for my past wrongdoings.
I am false when I claim that
I learned from myself and others.
But, it is sincere that I believe I have
Kept making the same mistakes all this time.
I am somewhat correct in thinking I have
Hurt family and friends for the fun of it.
I am ashamed that in the past I have
Tried not to blame others for my inadequacies.
I am proud to say that I have
Not Grown Up.
Giving up on myself is easy, but it is wrong that I have
Hope to become a better person.
Everyone has it, except for those who do not try.
A chance to change.

( Now read in reverse )