Call of the Unbiased

By: Lauren McGrath

You see the clothes
You see the hair
You don’t see the person there.
(You see a thing)

You don’t see the scars or bruises
You don’t see the fragileness
You see only what you want to see.
(You don’t see a person with emotions)

You don’t really see the tears
You don’t really see the pain
You just laugh like it’s all a game.
(You see what you’ve been told to see)

The ‘nerd’, the ‘geek’
The ‘emo’, the ‘goth’
The ‘fag’, the ‘dyke’
The ‘weirdo’, the ‘freak’
The ‘whore’, the ‘slut’
The ‘prep’, the ’jock’
(They’re people too, you know)

Hopes, dreams, ambitions
Wants, desires
Broken hearts.

Look at what you did in your selfishness
You crushed a flower not yet bloomed
And tore it from its roots.

(Can you see now?)
(Can you really see?)
(Try, why don’t you, to see through the veils)

(Stop the lies, bare the truths)
(And when the truths are bared)
(Don’t look away)

Learn to see more than what you were told to see
(Learn to see more than what we were all told to see)
This world is dark and dirty
(We made this world so filthy)
So maybe, instead of crushing the flowers we don’t like
(Instead of continuing the circle of bias, and hate)
You should let them grow and flourish
(Be the better person and break the chain)
Then maybe, this world, so filled with filth
(Then maybe the word ‘equals’
Could grow and flourish
(Could mean something)
Into a garden