Bounty Brand Paper Towels

By: Abbey Roschak

Bounty brand paper towels; you know it by name
“The quick picker upper”, thirst pockets
Outnumbering the leading brands not only in price
But in absorbency
Who would have thought that a simple household object
Could be comparable to humanly functions?
You see, I am quite absorbent myself
Believe everything I am told, that I hear
Even everything I say
Soak it all in through my fingertips, my skin
My veins, my bones, like a sponge
Make sure it gives me a chill, a rush
Even a little burn
But sometimes my absorbency wreaks havoc
On my outer shell, my soul
I, too, get crumpled and tossed to the side
Wasting away when I was once so strong
So reliable, so bounty brand paper towels
There’s only a limited amount of absorbency per sheet
That your apologies can live off of
Not only am I cleaning the same mess
But I am repeating the process of being
Re-used, re-deceived into thinking
That maybe, you’d get a stronger sheet
And clean your own mess