By: Barbara Matijevic

At first, time flies.
Every moment is enshrined
          Ignorant of its fate –
Unaware that one day,
Its presence will be felt.
Time and time again.
            Overanalyzed –
The past to which the future
Will be fettered.

Soon enough,
For every vivid memory
         Analysis follows –
Beholden with intricacy
To sounds, smells, tastes, textures
     Incarcerated – in this moment
Almost as if letting go
Will mean the end.

In the wake of the betrayal,
thundering at your door
         Having you tortured –
Moment by moment,
Persisting in its presence.
The touch of emptiness
                 Lingering –
Long after its departure
Forever present.

The gloom,
Foisting itself up on you.
          Fed up –
you try to forget.
And yet
with each tug of war
          Its grip tightens –
Chafing your skin
Tethered to perpetuity.

Eyes shut,
you find an escape.
            Temporality –
Veiling the sentiment.
A poltergeist white mist
Breathing space.
            Initially heavenly –
An easy way to forget
An easy way to neglect.

But soon its false nature,
will be made present
          Slowly suffocating you –
Squashing your breath.
Until none remains.
The end befalls you
               Betrayal –
Still present
In the depths of your being.