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Watch the reception honoring teens that made this issue possible, with a keynote speech by author Adib Khorram.

elementia is a literary arts magazine published to represent and uplift young adults. We accept original poetry, fiction, nonfiction, graphic stories, photography and illustrations.

Issue XXII Theme: Humanity

Across generations, distances and cultures, our humanity connects us. Despite this seemingly infinite connection, however, one of the most fundamental parts of being human is being unique. This dichotomy is at the crux of the human experience and something we have all shared. Tell us your stories: those of your unique human experience. Share with us the joys and pains that have been a part of your humanity. Speak on your relationships: those with family, friends, significant others. When have you felt most connected to other humans? Most distant? What makes you feel close to your own humanity? Tell us about the times you felt less than human, and when others convinced you that you were. Has humanity changed? Or will it? We seek expressions of your culture, traditions, mannerisms. Share your innermost thoughts and your outermost traits. What makes you unique? What makes you human?

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The Doctor's Appointment

By Sumlina Alam

My feet bounced as I waited in the dimly lit examination room. The dark curtains blocked out any hints of sunlight, the only light source being the single fluorescent lamp standing in the center of the room.


By Eva Bacon

Oftentimes, it’s said that people make a home, not the place.

the sun and i

By Arielle Li

She was the epitome of fragile beauty: lips slightly parted, rosy flush tinting the apples of her cheeks, raven hair framing her face. I knelt there, holding her wrist, touching the papery skin that shielded her blue-green veins. A ball of unshakeable guilt weighed down my chest.

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