elementia is a literary arts magazine published to represent and uplift young adults. We accept original poetry, fiction, nonfiction, graphic stories, photography and illustrations.

Issue xix theme: The Unknown

We’re always told to “create what we know,” but what about what we don’t know? From higher beings to the center of the Earth — there are so many things we’ve yet to discover. How can we sense the unknown? Feel it. See it. Overcome it. Does it terrify? Exhilarate? Comfort? How does confronting the unknown change our human experience? Communicate your dreams and anxieties. What do we not understand about ourselves? Our thoughts. Our motives. Our actions. How about outside our perception? Deign to view the imperceptible; speculate on the fabric of reality. In what ways do you try to dissect the unfamiliar, consciously or not? Everything we know is learned: what have we not been taught? What has time robbed us of knowing? In what ways can we help each other reveal what’s hidden?

Venture into the oceans, the night sky, the rainforests. Search for the aliens among us and beyond us. Find the murky edges of your imagination and focus on them. Visualize what exists in the afterlife and what is hidden in the dark. Take this opportunity to immerse yourself in the unknown.

Submit your original poetry, short stories, essays, comics, or artwork May 1 through February 1 every year.

Read a sample of the latest issue

mother's guilt

By Stephanie K

I ate the placenta and the umbilical cord

(and i ate and i ate).

I tasted the iron on my teeth

(it stained until i swallowed and i swallowed the hydrogen peroxide).

Artificial Dreams

By Isabelle Shachtman

Been sitting still the whole day

Can’t sleep


Thank you trazowhatervthehellyouare

For the frog and the eyes

And the image of my

Ex-girlfriend in the sun and


What am I saying?

What’ve I done?


A Bicycle Accident

By Cheyenne Mann

Graze the lips with concrete and floss with blood

Wintergreen and sharp, pennies in the mouth that

Rattle like bicycle wheels down long hills.

Bandaid sticky, adhesive concealer that fortifies a face

To face the world dripping with bruises, salt, and the momentum

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