Do you make? We at the Library encourage you embrace the creative process in some way by making something. What? Well, anything you want! Need ideas? You can always visit our MakerSpace. Online, we have In-depth tutorials and Circulating Maker Kits. In-person, you can make something as simple or complicated as you want with equipment available to you to make your project come to life. Try 3D PrintingCNC CuttingComputers & SoftwareElectronicsLaser CuttingSewing and Vinyl Cutting.

Do you want to start small? Then grab some supplies and join us as our friends from the MakerSpace guide you  through an exciting hands-on Make-along activity! Adults or adults with children will have fun with this activity.


  • Polymer clay
  • Rolling pin or dowel rods
  • A couple popsicle sticks (or two pieces of something flat and about 1/4" thick
  • Textures–you can come into the MakerSpace to create textured dowel rods or patterned plates, but you can also just look around your house! See what you already have. Heavily textured fabrics, cookie or mint molds, plant leaves or pasta would all work. Be creative. 
  • Small cookie cutters 

Listen and Make!