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Filament 3D printers create 3D objects by feeding plastic filament through a hot extruder and precisely depositing them layer by layer. These 3D printers are great for printing prototypes and small parts. The MakerSpace has two filament 3D printers available for reservation.

The Ultimaker S5 has a print space of 12” x 9” x 11” and uses the slicing software Cura. These machines print with a rigid material (PLA) or a semi-flexible material (TPU).

Using the 3D Printers

  • Reserve up to four hours per week
  • Only one overnight print per week allowed. Prints are limited to eight hours
  • Reserving more than one piece of equipment is not permitted
  • Equipment that is not reserved is available for same day reservations
If you are utilizing a 3D printer for the first time, we recommend watching our in-depth 3D printer tutorial first, then making a minimum reservation time of two hours. This allows time for our staff to walk you through finding/preparing a 3D model, setting up the software, and time for your model to print.

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