X-Carve Pro CNC Router

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About the CNC Router

The CNC Router is a computer controlled machine that can cut and engrave wood as well as some plastics and soft metals. They are perfect for makers of all skill levels and are great for making signage, small furniture and other prototypes.

Using the CNC

  • Reserve up to four hours per week. 
  • Reserving more than one piece of equipment is not permitted.
  • Equipment that is not reserved is available for same day reservation.


Beginners will like the free design software Easel, which is very simple and easy to use. Utilizing the X-Carve Pro CNC Router itself has a steeper learning curve than our other equipment, so come ready to learn how to use the machine safely!

X-Carve Pro 4X2 (48" x 24" x 4")

Bits available:

  • 1/8" Cutting diameter - 1/2" Cutting height
  • 1/4" Cutting diameter - 1" Cutting height
  • 60° V-Carve
  • 90° V-Carve
  • 1/8" Ball nose - 1" Cutting height
  • 1/4' Ball nose - 1" Cutting height

If you are utilizing the CNC for the first time, we highly recommend watching our in-depth CNC router tutorial first, then making a minimum reservation time of two hours. This allows time for our staff to walk you through the safety precautions, software, and general equipment set up.

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