Using the Electronics Equipment

  • Reserve up to four hours per week. 
  • Reserving more than one piece of equipment is not permitted.
  • Equipment that is not reserved is available for same day reservation.

About the equipment

Come work on your electronics projects! From repairs and wiring, prototyping and building, to coding your Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Micro:bit, or Circuit Playground Express. We have the tools you need to get started, and check out our maker kits you can take home and tinker!

Our electronics equipment:

  • Hakko FX100-04 Induction Heat Soldering System
  • Hakko FA-430 Fume Extraction System
  • Rigol digital oscilloscope DS1054Z
  • 80W switching DC power supply
  • Tool kit for small/precision repair
  • LED magnifying lamp
  • Aoyue 852A++ Digital SMD Hot Air Rework Station
  • Adjustable circuit board holder
  • Wire cutters, pliers, miscellaneous tools
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