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Maker Shorts 🎥💡

Need some inspiration? A quick tutorial? Then check out this collection of Maker shorts, bite-sized projects made by MakerSpace staff. 

MakerSpace Programs for Spring 2023

Looking for classes and other Maker programs? We got you covered! All programs in the Spring 2023 Guide are now live on the library event calendar.

Maker's Top List 2022


Check out the MakerSpace team's top picks from 2022 to see what spoke to them. Sci-Fi, Hardboiled Crime, Manga, and video games are just a few of the diverse interests represented here.

Leveling Up! Equipment Upgrades in the MakerSpace 🛠️

Check out some of the recent equipment upgrades happening here in the MakerSpace!

November Take and Make: Giant Spider Pet 🕷️

It's almost Halloween - make yourself a giant eight-legged friend to take along for trick-or-treating with this season's final Take & Make kit!

October Take & Make: Spooky Paint by Numbers 👻

It’s time to get a bit spooky with this month’s Take & Make kit! Get all the supplies you need to paint and assemble this paint by numbers coffin. 

September Take & Make: Fall Flora Owl 🦉

Get ready to make at home with this month’s Take & Make kit! This kit features all the pieces you need to assemble a cardboard owl and instructions on how to bring it to life with collected flora.  

The Makerspace is Extending Hours🛠️

The MakerSpace will be reinstating hours on Mondays from 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm. Make your reservations today!

Make Along! Using Digital Fabrication with Polymer Clay

Get ready to Make Along!

Join the Makers on this month’s episode of the JoCoLibrary’s podcast, Did you hear? As the Makers walk hosts Dave and Charles through a polymer clay project, you’ll get a chance to learn about some digital fabrication tools found in the MakerSpace along with a bit of fun MakerSpace trivia. 

Need a full walk through? We got you covered!

Unlock your digital design skills! 🔓💻📐

It's time to dive into the world of digital creation and learn how to bring your Maker ideas to life. All you need is your library card to unlock access to Udemy, our free online learning platform. We scoured Udemy to find the best and most relevant tutorials for design and digital fabrication. Featured software tutorials in this article include:

  • Fusion360
  • Blender
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Inkscape