Resin 3D Printing

Using the Resin Printer

  • Reserve up to four hours per week
  • Reserving more than one piece of equipment is not permitted
  • Equipment that is not reserved is available for same day reservations
  • No overnight printing on the Formlabs Form 3

About the equipment

Resin Printer - Formlab Form 3

Using a rigid light-reactive thermoset material called “resin”, this 3D printer can print at a high resolution to produce extremely detailed objects. Great for smaller projects which require a greater level of precision.

The Formlabs Form 3 has a print space of 5” x 5” x 7” and uses the slicing software PreForm.

If you are utilizing the resin printer for the first time, we highly recommend utilizing the maximum reservation time of four hours. This allows time for our staff to walk you through finding/preparing a 3D model, setting up the software, and time for your model to print. 

Thanks to support from Black & Veatch, we provide the materials needed for resin 3D printing at no cost. 

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