Vinyl Cutter & Heat Press

Vinyl Cutter Tutorial

About the Vinyl Cutter

A vinyl cutter is a machine that can cut shapes and designs from sheets of material. It works by cutting through the top layer of vinyl while leaving the backing intact. It's used to create decorations and stickers for things like t-shirts and signs.

The US Cutter TITAN 3 15" Vinyl Cutter has a max cutting width of 15" and can accept media 19" wide or less.

Using the Vinyl Cutter & Heat Press

  • Bring your material and designs
  • Reserve up to four hours per week. 
  • Reserving more than one piece of equipment is not permitted.
  • Equipment that is not reserved is available for same day reservations.
If you are utilizing the vinyl cutter for the first time, we recommend watching our in-depth tutorial first, then making a minimum reservation time of two hours. This allows time for our staff to walk you through finding/preparing vinyl job, setting up the software, and time for you to use the machine.
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