Maker's Top List 2022

Check out the favorite things from the MakerSpace team.

Hard Case Crime
An imprint of hardboiled crime fiction ranging from original noir masterpieces to new novels with the same feel. Some of my favorite from the series are “Little Girl Lost” “Five Decembers” and “Later”. –Brian O.

Taste by Stanley Tucci 
Stanley narrates this audiobook in a way that draws you into his kitchen and makes you feel warm, welcome and ready to cook something new. He takes you on a journey with some fun stories in Hollywood, an emotional battle with cancer during the pandemic, nostalgic simple dishes his mother and father made him while growing up in New York and briefly Italy, and shares thought-provoking stories behind his favorite meals and ingredients from all over the world. –Nick W.

Eat the Rich by Sarah Gailey : 
The art and the story definitely sold me on this graphic novel. It follows the story of a college aged girl thrown into the horrific and secret world of the fabulously wealthy. Lots of blood, anguish, and morally dubious characters made this an addicting read for me. –Lydia P. 

The Peripheral by William Gibson
A thriller story split across time and space featuring a major ecological catastrophe, cool characters, espionage, high-tech and low-life? Sign me up! Check this first installment in William Gibson’s Jackpot trilogy and if you like it, check its sequel Agency. –Thomas M

Corridor Crew Reacts 
Creatives getting together to talk about their process while gushing about their heroes and sometimes marveling at how bad it can go. You'll find VFX artists, Stunt professionals and animators all breaking down great and not-so-great moments in cinema and TV history. –Brian O.

Dune by Frank Herbert 
Loved the production value of this audiobook! I worked my way through to the 4th book in the series, God Emperor of Dune and it was a fun and imaginative ride. Herbert’s world building skills are elite, and he can create a fascinating religion or technology as fast as he can replace it with another. It’s incredible that these books were written in the 60’s-80’s, as Herbert predicts many of the technologies that are commonplace today. -Nick W.

Flying Witch Graphic Novel Series by Chihiro Ishizuka
A perfect mix of slice of life and witchy adventures. I loved this series, so cozy and comforting to read. –Lydia P. 

How to invent everything by Ryan North
What do you do when your Time Traveling machine crashes somewhen unexpected? You rebuild civilization, of course! This handy book has everything you need to rediscover Humanity’s major scientific, artistic and engineering breakthroughs. Rescue won’t come, so better get to work (and try not to get eaten by a dinosaur!) –Thomas M.

Home Energy Audit kit 
A super useful tool for finding air leaks and where in your home you need more insulation. One off-label use I’ve found is locating those spots where your puppy has decided to relieve herself in the house. –Brian O.

Ready Player One & Two by Ernest Cline 
There are many amazing sci-fi books that describe a variety of possible dystopian futures, but I think Cline is not far off from where society is actually heading. These books are a fun mix of the golden ticket energy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the “I’m going in” feel of The Matrix and the most granular 80’s pop culture references you could ever imagine. -Nick W.

Under This Luminous Sky | Animated Short Film 2022 
This animated short film has so much heart packed into such a short time. The art, the music, the story, every second is pure gold. –Lydia P.

Monster Hunter World - Iceborne
Follow in the footsteps of the Zorah Magdaros dragon in this Heroic Fantasy exploration game! You will study the flora and fauna of the New World continent as you track mythical Elder Dragons, unlock new sets of armors and weapons…And discover the epic and bittersweet destination of this journey. –Thomas M

Go Out magazine 
I don’t get out much. I’d love to go to Japan and I’d love to go camping more. This Japanese outdoor/fashion magazine is a great way to visit the outdoors and Japan by proxy. One of the few great coffee table magazines available on Libby. –Brian O.

I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy
As someone who grew up watching Jennette on TV, hearing the stories of the girl behind the screen was both emotional and jarring. I definitely recommend the audiobook, read by the author herself. While she does touch on the life of a child star and the dark side to the industry, where the book really shines is in her personal life. Talking about the relationship with her mother, her dysfunctional home life, and struggles with mental health, this is more than just a celebrity memoir. –Lydia P. 

The Internet Archive
Where do old websites go when they die? If we’re lucky, to the Internet Archive! My favorite features: time-traveling through the Internet with the Wayback Machine (ever wondered what Google looked like in 1998?) and borrowing old or out of print books for inspiration! –Thomas M