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Día de los Muertos

El Día de los Muertos is a beautiful Mexican holiday celebrating the memories of the people we have lost. This tradition of honoring the dead is believed to keep them with us in spirit and this holiday is becoming widely popular in the United States. We invite all our patrons to join in this celebration.  

Open to patrons of all ages, we invite you to honor those you love who have passed away. You can create and photograph your own ofrenda, make artwork inspired by this tradition, send us a photo or a poem or a written memory of your loved one. Submit your creation to us for us to share on the Johnson County Library website and social media platforms.  

  1. Create! Make an ofrenda in your home or school, write a poem or a memory, or select a photo in honor of someone that has passed away.   
  2. Submit your photo or word document by sending it as an attachment to an email to We will accept submissions through November 15th.
  3. Watch Johnson County Library’s Website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts to see and read the memories shared by our whole community.  

El día de los muertos es una bella tradición mexicana que celebra la memoria de las personas que hemos perdido. En esta tradición para honrar a los muertos, se cree que los espíritus de las personas que han fallecido vienen a visitarnos. Esta celebración se está convirtiendo en una festividad muy popular en los Estados Unidos. Queremos invitar a todos nuestros usuarios a que nos acompañen en este evento. 

Todos pueden participar, este programa está abierto para los usuarios de cualquier edad, los invitamos a honrar a esas personas queridas que han fallecido. Pueden crear y fotografiar sus propias ofrendas, elaborar un arte inspirado por esta tradición, mandarnos una fotografía, o poema, o una memoria escrita de su persona querida que ha fallecido. Envíe sus creaciones para compartir en nuestro sitio de web de la biblioteca Johnson County y en nuestras plataformas sociales. 

  1. Creen una ofrenda en su casa, escriban un poema o una memoria, o seleccione una foto en honor de alguna persona que ha fallecido. 
  2. Mande su fotografía o documento de Word aquí
  3. Visite los sitios web de la biblioteca de Johnson County en Instagram, Facebook y Twitter para ver y leer las memorias compartidas por la comunidad.



This Week at the Library

This Week at the Library,  get your questions answered about our Black & Veatch MakerSpace, attend a few writers workshops online,  plus –  learn about the events which served to set a precedent to the Brown v. Topeka Board of Education court case.

Young Adult Literary Council
Sunday, November 1  |  2:00 – 3:00 pm

Ask-a-Maker Session
Monday, November 2  |  10:00 – 11:00 am

Query Tracker
Wednesday, November 4  |  6:30 - 7:30 pm

Talking to Preschoolers about Race
Wednesdays, November 4 & 18  |  7:00 – 8:30 pm

The Past is Prologue: Corinthian Nutter and the South Park School
Thursday, November 5  |  12:30 – 1:30 pm

MakerSpace for Beginners
Friday, November 6  |  2:00 – 3:00 pm

Long Story Short, a Workshop with Polly Alice McCann: Crafting a Publishable Short Story Isn’t a Mystery
Saturday, November 7  |  9:00 – 11:00 am

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Halloween Fun

Head over to our Facebook page to see our favorite Halloween pictures from our staff, featuring their families and pets! While you're there, drop us a picture of your Halloween costume for this year!


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Let's talk about Advanced Search. As you know, you can enter a search term at the top of any page on Search title, author, subject or just the wildcard: keyword. From there, you can narrow search results by availability, format, ratings, reading level and more!

So, how is an Advanced Search different? For starters, you can search title, author, subject or keyword, and you can pair your query with other queries. Want to search for author and subject at the same time? This is the place to do it. You can search by series, award, genre, ISBN, publisher and call number. Those search limits like format, availability, language, reading level, and more, are available to be included in your search parameters right from the start.

You can even write your own complex queries. This is particularly helpful when you are looking for a specific topic OR a similar topic AND include another topic but NOT a certain topic. Example? "Overland Park" OR "Johnson County" AND "history" but NOT "Wyandotte County."

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Talking to Preschoolers about Race

Facilitators from Raising Race Conscious Children will host this workshop for adults caring for preschoolers to help develop confidence to talk about race with children. Join us for this two-part series to practice strategies to proactively and responsively talk about race with children.

  • Part 1, Nov. 4, 7 pm
  • Part 2, Nov 18, 7 pm

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Cash Bail

New (bonus) podcast episode!

Cash Bail. What is it and why are we talking about it on the Did you hear? podcast? The Library has always been engaged in the community and we're committed to serving all of our patrons. If you weren't aware of the numerous community outreach services we offer, have a look! In this episode, Librarians Kate and Flannery represent our Incarcerated Services in this interview with Lauren Worley of KC Bail Fund


Join us for Friday Fright Night

There’s no more spooky time of year -- and what better way to have a scary good time than to listen to some scary stories?  

Join us Friday, October 30 at 6 pm for Friday Fright Night to hear some stories by select winners from our recent Scary Story Contest. In between readings the we'll feature some spooky artwork and recommend Halloween reads. This event will be fun for all ages. Wear your costume, grab a blanket and some marshmallows, and gather ‘round a virtual campfire for an extra spooky time. 

Register now to reserve your spot around our virtual campfire. You’re sure to be in for a treat!


This Week at the Library

This week at the Library, learn about the importance of credit reports and scores, meet  Rudy Francisco and watch him perform his spoken word poetry, plus – the entire family is invited to join us for spooky stories on Friday Fright Night!

Money Mondays – Credit Reports and Scores
Monday, October 26  |  6:00 – 7:00 pm

Step-by-Step through the FAFSA
Wednesday, October 28  |  6:30 – 8:00 pm

Meet the Poet: Rudy Francisco
Wednesday, October 28  |  6:30 – 7:30 pm

Friday Fright Night
Friday, October 30  |  6:00 – 7:00 pm

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Maker Month: Nick

Our MakerSpace facilitator Nick was featured by Stanley Black and Decker for Maker Month. Nick discusses his inspiration for making, his work in the Library's Black & Veatch MakerSpace as well as the creation of Maker Village. Read the interview »

Our upcoming MakerSpace events include Ask-a-Maker sessions and a class on sewing face masks. See the schedule »


Bookmark Contest Winners

Congratulations to our Friends of the Library Bookmark Contest winners! The winning bookmarks are available now at your favorite Library location.