Let's MEME: A Collaboration with Johnson County Museum

Today isn’t your normal Throwback Thursday. 
Today, in collaboration with Johnson County Museum, we’re kicking off a meme contest that will run until February 22. To participate, simply explore Johnson County Museum’s archives and choose a photo that you want to meme. The theme of this contest is “Winter.” 
What’s a meme? It might be easiest to show rather than tell: 

Swift Meme

Simply put, the type of meme we’re looking for in this contest is that of a photo with words imposed on it that give an alternate meaning to the photo, amplify the tone of the photo or use the photo to make a point. Memes are most often funny, but you can choose to create any type of meme you like, provided it fits into the parameters explained below. 

A few FAQ about this contest:

Why are you having a meme contest? 
A few reasons. One is that it’s winter and it’s dreary and memes can be fun and make people laugh. Another is that there are so many cool, interesting photos in Johnson County Museum’s archive that people never see. We’re hoping that you’ll spend some time looking through the archives to find a photo that inspires you. 
Can I pick any photo?  
Yes, provided you find it in Johnson County Museum’s archive. Even though the theme of the contest is “Winter,” you can choose any photo you like, even if it doesn’t seem very wintery. 
How do I create a meme?  
You can use a meme generator like this site. 
Where do I send the meme?  
Email your meme, along with a link to the photo you’ve chosen and your full name and phone number to socialmedia@jocolibrary.org. Entries without this information will be disqualified. 
What’s the deadline?  
Memes received by 5:00 p.m. on February 22, 2024 will be accepted for the contest. 
Photos will be uploaded to a Facebook album no later than noon on February 24th. Voting will close at 5:00 p.m. on February 29th. Winners will be announced on social media on March 1st. 
Are there any restrictions on the memes submitted?  
Memes with offensive language or content will not be accepted. All submissions are subject to the Johnson County Government Social Media Policy. Submissions that do not include a link to the photo in the archive and your name and phone number will not be accepted. 
Submitting a meme for the contest means you agree that your meme will be posted publicly and may be shared by others. You also agree to be in a photo if you win and agree that the photo and your name will be shared via social media platforms 
Can anyone participate?  
Yes, anyone (including Johnson County Government employees) can participate. You must be able to pick up your prize in person in order to win, and Johnson County Government employees are not eligible to win employee pick prizes. 
Did you say prizes? 
Yes, we did! There will be three (3) winners: a popular vote pick, a Johnson County Library employee pick and a Johnson County Museum employee pick. The popular vote pick will be determined by the number of “heart” reactions on Facebook. The employee picks will be determined by internal poll. 
Prizes will include a Johnson County Library mug, pen and other goodies and a Johnson County Museum pass. 
When will winners be announced?  
Winners will be announced via social media on March 1. 
Did you come up with this idea on your own? 
Nope. We were inspired by Montana State Library