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Throwback Thursday

Thursday, April 25, is National Telephone Day! 

Where would we be without the telephone? Enjoy these photos of switchboard operators, business people, technicians and regular folks. Which photo is your favorite? Discover the story behind these images and details at It's your place for Johnson County, Kansas History! Follow our hashtag on Twitter.   


Lackman Library Through the Years

Today is the last day Lackman Library will be open to the public. Our new location, Lenexa City Center Library, will open its doors for the first time on June 2, from 1 -5 pm.

In 2018, Lackman patrons' favorite sections were:

  • Travel Books
  • CD Audio
  • Picture Books
  • Juvenile Chapter Books
  • Adult Fiction- with a high number of Mystery readers

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Elementia, Book Burnout, Table Top Games, and Award Winners

We dedicated this episode of Did you hear? to Award Winners (12:36). From Bram Stoker to William Allen White award winners, you’ll find it all at

Today we recommend cures to book burnout (13:04), discuss table top game nights (24:23) and offer board game suggestions as well. 

But first, Kate McNair brings teen writers and artists to talk with Dave Carson about elementia! (:28)


Featured Artist Friday: Hadiza

Hadiza is a talented songwriter, keyboardist and performer who describes her music as "not quite soul, blues, folk, jazz, rock or classical but it sort of is?" One listen to her debut EP, Gone, shows how much Hadiza's songs sit at the crossroads of all these styles while revealing a young songwriter finding her voice. Originally from Iowa City, Hadiza wrote most of the EP's songs over a two year period and is currently at work on a full album. We're fortunate to share an interview with this emerging artist. Enjoy.


Combined Catalog Update

Granted, we’re biased. But we think the Kansas City region is library-rich, boasting an array of great systems that further their pursuit of a common mission – free access to knowledge – by working together.

We’re doing it again.

In 2016, four public library systems – Kansas City, Mid-Continent, Johnson County, and Olathe – joined together on a common catalog platform called BiblioCommons, which streamlined the search, discovery, and account management experience for its users. The collaborative then introduced account linking, enabling patrons logged into one library’s catalog to access their accounts at any of the others. It allowed easy, across-the-board access to checkouts, holds, and shelf searches.

Now, we’ve further integrated the search process. If you search the catalog of one library system, you’ll automatically search the collections of the other three systems. Say you log in through the Johnson County Library and are looking for something in the Game of Thrones series. You’ll get a listing of our materials, plus a numerical prompt for what’s available at the Kansas City and Mid-Continent Library systems.

You can access their listings with an additional click.

This newest update to the service launched Tuesday, April 16. With it, library users can view millions of titles across all branches of the four participating library systems.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The branding and web addresses for each catalog will remain unchanged.
  • Each library system will continue to maintain its own borrowing policies.
  • While you can place hold requests on eligible materials from any library system, those items cannot be delivered outside the system that owns them. For example, Mid-Continent items must be picked up at a Mid-Continent location.

To get the most out of the shared catalog, sign up for cards at each library system – Kansas City, Mid-Continent, and Johnson County/Olathe – and link the accounts with a single username. Explore away! Even as you do, the four library systems are looking for ways to further expand and strengthen a productive partnership.


Lenexa City Center Library Opens Sunday, June 2!

Lenexa City Center Library will open on June 2, from 1 - 5 pm. You can catch this video before the movies at Merriam Cinemark and B&B Shawnee!

Lenexa City Center Library will be the new home for Lackman Library patrons. Read more about the transition »


Gardening at Corinth

Spring is in full bloom here at Corinth! We have been hard at work with local Girl Scouts of America troop #4091 creating an educational bee and butterfly garden which features native flowering plants.

Our goal is to create an inviting and interactive experience for our patrons. By featuring plants that attract bees and butterflies, we hope to do our part in educating the public about the importance of pollinators.

This has been a wonderful opportunity to partner with our community and to share a sense of involvement and ownership with the next generation. Come by and see the ever-evolving garden for yourself!


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In Memory of Six Million, MakerSpace, and Art You Can Checkout

We dedicate this episode of Did you hear? to Art you can check out! That’s right, we have prints of famous works of art at the Central Resource Library. Use them to study or simply change up the aesthetics of any room! The MakerSpace crew drops by to chat, But first, Dave Carson sits down with Ashley Fick, Diane Haner, and Amanda Wahlmeier to discuss our In memory of Six Million event.

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Bookmark Contest Winners

It was with great pleasure that the Friends of Johnson County Library announced the winners of the annual Bookmark Design Contest. The presentation was made at the monthly meeting of the Johnson County Library Board of Directors on Thursday, April 11. The annual contest honors National Library Week.

The Bookmark Design Contest is sponsored by the Friends of Johnson County Library. This year, the contest accepted more than 400 original illustrations in seven age categories from Preschool to Adult.. Accepted media are colored pencil; marker; crayon; gouache; tempera; oil; acrylic; finger-paint; chalk; watercolor; pen-and-ink; on paper only.  Designs, drawings and images must be made by hand only. The Library does not accept computer generated illustrations for this contest.

Jurors for the event included Friends of Johnson County Library board members and JCL kid’s librarians. The winning illustrations are printed as bookmarks and distributed during the year at the 14 branches of the Johnson County Library and at the three Friends bookstores. More than 6000 bookmarks will find homes between pages by the end of the year.

“They’re so wonderful,” exclaims Friends president Julie Steiner, of Lenexa, “and I collect a new set every year. They’re a great way to get creative people of all ages interested in our excellent Library system.”

Library patrons may begin collecting their new bookmarks at their nearest Johnson County Library.