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Pages, Clerks, and Bears! Oh my!

Did you know that not every staff member in the Library is a Librarian? Ever wondered what the difference is between a page, a clerk, an information specialist and a Librarian? Well, when we asked folks on Facebook what they wanted to know about the Library, several patrons wondered just that. Well wonder no more! We've gathered staff members who have worked a number of positions and are ready to explain what these jobs entail. Spoiler alert: No matter the position, we're all happy to help!  


Entrepreneurs at the Library

The Johnson County Library provides many services and resources to support the entrepreneurial and small business communities. By utilizing our complimentary meeting spaces and  the creative resources in the  Black and Veatch MakerSpace, watch how one start-up launched their small business at the Library!


Dan Jones

It's a pleasure to welcome Dan Jones to Local Music. A prolific songwriter and performer whose power-pop gems sport titles like "Tequila Grapefruit Soda", "Beach, Please" and "A Pickle and Two Pearl Onions", Jones's work is all kinds of entertaining and creative, alive with classic melodies, guitar punch and a childlike spirit. He and his band The Squids are gearing up for a brand-new album, We Live in a World That Is Out of This World. Fans of Guided By Voices and The Minutemen take note. Enjoy our interview with Dan Jones below.


Did you miss the latest episode?

In our latest episode of the Did you hear? podcast we explore K-Drama. What the heck is that? Tune in to find out. Librarian Rachel Novotny talks about its history and answers some questions about the artists and explains the how and why this genre has become so popular. Get ready, we’re going inside K-Drama! 


Historic Hats Throwback Thursday

How many hats can you find in the collections at Discover the story behind these images and get all the details. It's your place for Johnson County, Kansas history! Follow our hashtag on Twitter.


Now at Oak Park: Fred Trease

Monday, August 26 to Friday, November 1, 2019

Introduce yourself and describe your work and the media/genre you work in.

I’m primarily a photographer. It’s my first love. The last couple of years I’ve been exploring digital means for making art. These drawings are done on a tablet.

What would you like people to know most about your art?

Most of my work revolves around the observational skills I developed as a scientist. It’s all biology, geology and cosmology.

What do you feel is your role as an artist?

I think it’s to hold a mirror up to the world and let people see it through my eyes.

How has your practice changed over time?

It evolves as technology evolved, but at its heart it remains constant.

What books, movies and/or music have inspired you recently?

I’m currently reading Brief Answers to the Big Questions by Stephen Hawking. I’ve recently discovered The Black Creatures, a Kansas City based darkpop hip hop duo. They’re fabulous! The Here Now Film Festival offered many inspiring short films. I don’t know how I’d survive without Turner Classic Movies and the Johnson County Library.


Did you miss our latest podcast episode?

In this episode of Did you hear?, our librarians Scott and Bryan talk with Melissa and Dave about the questions we receive most often from patrons. When Google stumps you, we’re here to help you search for those tricky answers. Also, cookies!

***PLEASE BE ADVISED*** Warning: culinary content. Cookies are mentioned numerous times in this podcast. Listener discretion is advised.