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Gardening at Corinth

Spring is in full bloom here at Corinth! We have been hard at work with local Girl Scouts of America troop #4091 creating an educational bee and butterfly garden which features native flowering plants.

Our goal is to create an inviting and interactive experience for our patrons. By featuring plants that attract bees and butterflies, we hope to do our part in educating the public about the importance of pollinators.

This has been a wonderful opportunity to partner with our community and to share a sense of involvement and ownership with the next generation. Come by and see the ever-evolving garden for yourself!


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In Memory of Six Million, MakerSpace, and Art You Can Checkout

We dedicate this episode of Did you hear? to Art you can check out! That’s right, we have prints of famous works of art at the Central Resource Library. Use them to study or simply change up the aesthetics of any room! The MakerSpace crew drops by to chat, But first, Dave Carson sits down with Ashley Fick, Diane Haner, and Amanda Wahlmeier to discuss our In memory of Six Million event.

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Bookmark Contest Winners

It was with great pleasure that the Friends of Johnson County Library announced the winners of the annual Bookmark Design Contest. The presentation was made at the monthly meeting of the Johnson County Library Board of Directors on Thursday, April 11. The annual contest honors National Library Week.

The Bookmark Design Contest is sponsored by the Friends of Johnson County Library. This year, the contest accepted more than 400 original illustrations in seven age categories from Preschool to Adult.. Accepted media are colored pencil; marker; crayon; gouache; tempera; oil; acrylic; finger-paint; chalk; watercolor; pen-and-ink; on paper only.  Designs, drawings and images must be made by hand only. The Library does not accept computer generated illustrations for this contest.

Jurors for the event included Friends of Johnson County Library board members and JCL kid’s librarians. The winning illustrations are printed as bookmarks and distributed during the year at the 14 branches of the Johnson County Library and at the three Friends bookstores. More than 6000 bookmarks will find homes between pages by the end of the year.

“They’re so wonderful,” exclaims Friends president Julie Steiner, of Lenexa, “and I collect a new set every year. They’re a great way to get creative people of all ages interested in our excellent Library system.”

Library patrons may begin collecting their new bookmarks at their nearest Johnson County Library.


Heroes and Villains in Music

Heroes and villains always have a proper theme song. Music helps create feelings about good and bad characters in popular films and media. In this interactive musical program, children will be inspired to appreciate the role music plays in helping heroes break the world free from evil. Best for ages 7-11. Presented with Kansas City Civic Orchestra Outreach. 

Saturday, April 13

  • 11 - 11:45 am @ Antioch Library
  • 2 - 2:45 pm @ Oak Park Library

Finding Nemo, Dory or a Job

Roland, it's all about the search. You've got energy and enthusiasm. That's great! That's going to help you get through what can be a difficult, complex and potentially emotionally-draining process. But don't worry! The Library has your back. You've grown up on movies like Finding Nemo and Finding Dory What's the next epic? Finding Roland a Job!

Many people say April and May are the best months to find a job and get hired. And, your Library Card makes it so much easier.

Where have you looked for jobs, Roland? Craiglist?! And??? Oh ... just Craigslist. Huh. OK ... well, let's cast a wider net. 

Go to our Career Planning and Jobs section - Discover the perfect job for you with our many job search tools. Short on experience? Software and tools? No worries. We have training. We can help you with your resume, cover letter and even networking. Best thing? We can help you zero in on LOCAL jobs! Check out these amazing resources:


Throwback Thursday: Deaf History Month

Join Johnson County Library in celebrating National Deaf History Month: March 13 - April 15. Why the curious date-range? March 13, 1988 marks the date of the Deaf President Now protest. April 15, 1817 the first permanent public school for the deaf was established.

We invite you to explore the Kansas School for the Deaf photography collection at Sports, camping, campus, amazing aerial photos ... it's all there! Explore. Follow our hashtag on Twitter.   


Volunteering is Living

Karen and Earl, you're golden! You know you'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. You're such cutups — you're the bee's knees! Your enthusiasm is infectious and you brighten the day of just about everyone you encounter. But, you can't do that sitting on your duff at home, right?! A rolling stone gathers no moss. Your duffs have no moss! You volunteer!!!

OK, let's not put the cart before the horse. Speaking of horses, we never look a gift horse in the mouth. A hearty THANK YOU is due to you both during this volunteer appreciation week! Volunteers like you help your Library with 60,000 hours each year! You understand that many hands make light work. We'd be in a pickle without you and all of the volunteers who help with:

  • Processing Book Donations
    • Book & Media Sorting Volunteer
    • Children’s Book Sorting Volunteer
    • Children’s Book Sorting Volunteer Assistant
    • Box Building Volunteer
  • Shelving Books
    • Book Distribution Volunteer
    • Circulation/Shelving Volunteer
    • Monticello Library Volunteer 
  • Supporting Sales of Used Books
    • Online Sales Research Volunteer
    • Online Sales Inventory Volunteer
    • Online Sales Listing Volunteer
    • Online Sales Shipping Volunteer
    • Bookstore Unpacking Volunteer
    • Bookstore Stocking Volunteer
    • Bookstore Cashier
    • Bookstore Cashier—Substitute
    • Used Book Sale Sign In Desk Volunteer
    • Used Book Sale Door Ambassador/Greeter
    • Used Book Sale Section Supervisor
    • Used Book Sale Merchandiser
    • Used Book Sale Cashier
    • Used Book Sale Counter/ Dolly Runner Crew
    • Used Book Sale Box Builder
    • Used Book Sale Non-Profit Clerk
    • Used Book Sale Packer/Unpacker
  • Assisting with Library Programs
    • Civic Engagement Events Volunteer
    • English Language Learning Volunteer
    • Maker’s Space Volunteer
    • Reference Librarian Volunteer
    • Summer Teen Volunteer
    • Tech Thursday Volunteer
    • Young Adult Advisory Council Volunteer
    • Youth Services Materials Cleaning Volunteer
  • Helping in Library Offices
    • Creative Services Volunteer
    • Data Entry Volunteer
    • Genealogy Research Volunteer
    • Library Foundation Volunteer
    • VS Team Volunteer

We don’t judge a book by Its cover! Karen and Earl, we know you're young at heart and still plenty spry. Do any of your friends want to help? They can view Volunteer Information and Services on our new web portal. For full descriptions of each position, please contact Volunteer Coordinator and then hit the early-bird special! 

Thanks again! 

“Only a life lived for others is worth living.” — Albert Einstein


A Heart for the Homeless

Some Johnson Countians think the homeless don’t exist here. But Sharon Rodriguez’s exhibit, currently on display at the Central Resource Library, aims to show that the homeless exist even in the middle- to upper-income suburbs.

They live in parks, in woods, on streets and anywhere else a person without a home could camp or shelter from rain, snow and heat.

Sharon says suburbanites often have a “not in my backyard” attitude toward the homeless. But she tells them, “They’re already in your backyard. They’re everywhere.”

Many homeless people are either invisible or ignored. One day on a walking trail, Sharon saw a homeless man and woman she sensed were having a problem. She approached and asked if she could help. The woman began to cry. She said no one else had spoken with them in all the time they had been there.

“The homeless are human beings just like anyone else,” she said. “They have the same needs and emotions. I don’t give them money, but sometimes I give them food or clothing. I ask them to tell me their stories.”

Sharon records the stories in handwriting and makes black-and-white photographs of the storytellers. She has featured them in two books, “Homeless Not Invisible” in 2017 and “Homeless, With Honor” in 2018. You can also see her work on her website,

Sharon feels passionate about her work and can get up in anyone’s face who talks disparagingly about poor or homeless people. At a civic club meeting, a man said he was renovating an apartment complex “to get rid of the unsavory.” She spoke to him so forcefully about his lack of respect that he ended up giving her a donation for her work. She used the money to buy digital cameras for homeless people to use to record their lives and plans to feature their photos in a future exhibition. 

The work Sharon does now is a world away from her previous jobs as an IT consultant. Her artistry evolved after 2007, when she was unable to find work in the crippled economy. A mother of three, grandmother of 10 and great-grandmother of 10, she is happy to spend time with her family and to continue her heartfelt work with the homeless.

Through Sharon’s stories and photos, viewers have a window into the experiences of homeless people. Other people may shy away from the conversations Sharon has, but she feels no fear, only compassion and a desire to make visible the “invisible” homeless in all their humanity.


National Library Workers Day

We're celebrating our amazing staff today on this #NationalLibraryWorkersDay! Follow along as we share throughout the day on Facebook or Twitter.