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Did you miss the latest episode?

In our latest episode of the Did you hear? podcast we explore K-Drama. What the heck is that? Tune in to find out. Librarian Rachel Novotny talks about its history and answers some questions about the artists and explains the how and why this genre has become so popular. Get ready, we’re going inside K-Drama! 

Did you miss our latest podcast episode?

In this episode of Did you hear?, our librarians Scott and Bryan talk with Melissa and Dave about the questions we receive most often from patrons. When Google stumps you, we’re here to help you search for those tricky answers. Also, cookies!

***PLEASE BE ADVISED*** Warning: culinary content. Cookies are mentioned numerous times in this podcast. Listener discretion is advised.

Anthologies Episode

We have a new podcast episode! Need something to read? Do you want to try something different? We encourage you to try anthologies! What are they? Why are they so amazingly good? You must listen to discover. Guest Librarians Helen and Lisa join Dave Carson as we investigate anthologies.  

***PLEASE BE ADVISED*** Warning: adult content. One of the book titles mentioned in this podcast contains a swear word.

New Podcast Episode

In this episode, Stephanie Neu from the Johnson County Library Foundation visits to discuss The Library Lets Loose -- our annual signature fundraising event for the Johnson County Library programs and collection. Adult Library lovers (21+ years and older) enjoy unique, interactive and creative experiences, tasty local libations and scrumptious food and drink pairings– plus entertainment from local musicians, makers and artists.

Buy Tickets Now! Plus, educators and librarians tickets are just $50 through the day of event.
We’ll see you there!

Latest Podcast Episode is Music to Your Ears!

In this episode of Did you hear, Dave Carson talks with Bryan Voell and local musician Lily B Moonflower. You’ll learn about her creativity and career, and even hear a couple of her songs. You'll love Lily's "I'm Takin' the Wheel" (:40) and "Midnight Song" (22:38).

Your weekly word is: bifurcate, the author quote is amazing, and don't miss our minute of Library Zen!


  • Announcer: AMY FIELD
  • Co-host: BRYAN VOELL
  • Written by: DAVE CARSON & AMY FIELD  
  • Music & Editing: DAVE CARSON
  • Staff writer’s quote: GRACE BENTLEY
  • Word of the day: JAMAL LANG
  • Library Zen: What is the sound?
  1.  Motorized lift to install new Wi-Fi data access points
  2.  Librarians on go karts
  3.  Baby storytime
  4.  Sound of silence

Fall Programs Podcast Episode

In this episode of Did you hear, Dave Carson talks with Ben Oglesby, Christopher Leitch, and Amy Field, about our upcoming Fall programming, including our Unlocking the Mind programs. 


  • Announcer: AMY FIELD
  • Co-host: MELISSA HORAK-HERN (On special assignment in parts unknown)
  • Written by: DAVE CARSON & AMY FIELD  
  • Music & Editing: DAVE CARSON
  • Staff writer’s quote: CHRISTINE PETERSON
  • Word of the day: JAMAL LANG, fe·cun·di·ty
  • Library Zen: What is the sound? Send us your answer via facebook!
  1. Return conveyor at Lenexa City Center Library
  2. Coffee Machine 
  3. Creative Services Stack Cutter 
  4. MakerSpace Laser Cutter  

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Goodbye summer? Hello Summer Camp Movie List!

Information Specialist Michael Keller is a man of many lists! Colleague Ed Raab took notice and nominated Michael's Summer Camp Movie List as a topic for a podcast episode sub-genre deep dive! It's the end of summer! We understand that you'll probably need to go through some kind of grieving process. You're going to want to hold onto those fantastic summer moments! So, this fall and winter, while you’re trapped in your home, warm up to Summer Camp Movies. 

Podcast Topic: Fall Theme!

In this episode, host Dave Carson introduces Melissa Horak-Hern as the new co-host of the Did you hear? podcast! They dive into our Fall 2019 trimesterly theme for our programs: "Unlocking the Mind." They also reveal all of the amazing podcast episode topics for the next four months!

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