Did you hear?

Discover the new podcast episode!

Exciting news! We were able to record in-person for the first time since the onset of the pandemic. Not-so-exciting news...the audio isn't perfect—we're rusty. But, listenable? Yes! 

In this episode we have even more exciting news. We're introducing a 7-part storytelling series we're calling "Discover Your Library." From now until the end of the year we will be sharing stories from patrons and Librarians. We'll look behind-the-scenes of our events and our collection. We'll explore the connection between the Library and civics. We'll reveal how the Library plays an important role in supporting local arts.

We introduce you to our new series AND we play some fun getting-to-know-you games so you can learn a little bit more about your podcast hosts. Did you hear?


The Poetry Episode

It's another Did you hear? podcast episode with Shannon, Jack, Charles and Dave!

In this episode, we offer closure to poetry month and suggest poetry should not be confined to a single month. We crammed this episode full—like an over-stuffed el grande burrito—with flavorful content from all kinds of tasty angles. (OK, we're not poets, but we love poetry!)

  • Hear poets featured in elementia
  • A look back at our Poetry Walk and how it lives on digitally
  • Exciting upcoming poetry writing programs and a visit from an impressive author
  • Physical art as poetry
  • What happened to KCUR's New Letters on the Air?
  • Our haikus!
  • Your haikus!
  • And the latest installment of In Search of Paul Rudd

All this and more! It's the Poetry episode and it's not to be missed. When is this delightful episode available? Right now! 

April Podcast Episode Encore

April's Did you hear? podcast episode is "Parents as Teachers"?

Whether it's homeschooling, or home learning that complements traditional school, Library resources are available to help. Parents as Teachers describes the role, relationship and resource of you as a critical educator.

Our March theme? Poetry.

We have a look back at our poetry walk to give you a behind the scenes look at how this incredible outdoor event came together. We share some of the great works presented on the walk and help you find more great poetry. Also, we look into poetry events and even explore physical art as poetry. 

New Podcast: Parents as Teachers

What do we mean by "Parents as Teachers"?

Well, parents as teachers can mean being involved in your child's K-12 education--COVID distance learning or not. But, COVID has maybe forced many of us to be a bit more involved. Whether it's homeschooling or home learning that complements traditional school, Library resources available to help. Parents as Teachers describes the role, relationship and resource of you as a critical educator.

We pursue stories loosely-related to this broad theme and have some fun as well. Be sure to stick around until the end for another edition of In Search of Paul Rudd.

March and April Podcast Episodes

The Did you hear? podcast March episode's theme is "Things You Can Still Do at the Library." We bring you stories about Udemy, the MakerSpaceCareer Development's relationship with a retiree helping you make sense of mint.com and budgeting, and bringing famous authors to storytimes.

We're excited to announce we are excitedly working on our April episode, "Parents as Teachers." Broadly, this theme explores parental involvement in education. We've got something for parents of any K-12 student. COVID has forced many of us to be a bit more involved in our child's education than we ever have before. The Library can help! Whether it's homeschooling or home learning that complements traditional school, Library resources can make your life easier. Join us April 1st to dive into the roles, relationships and resources for parents as teachers.   

New Podcast Episode

The Did you hear? podcast makes its triumphant 2021 return. It's been a while since you last heard from your Library insider, but we're back! This year, we have some changes. We are now a monthly podcast. New episodes are released on the first day of each month. Also, we now have a small group of hosts who bring behind-the-scenes stories to life for our thematic episodes. This month's theme? "Things You Can Still Do at the Library." We bring you stories about Udemy, the MakerSpace, Career Development's relationship with a retiree helping you make sense of mint.com and budgeting, and bringing famous authors to storytimes. All this and Dave has a brain glitch causing him to forget the name for the prestigious annual award for children's book illustrators (Before you scream at your phone or computer, it's the Caldecott Medal.) Enjoy!    

Did you hear? Our Podcast Returns March 1st!

We're so excited to announce that after a 2-month hiatus, our podcast—your Library insider—Did you hear? returns Monday, March 1st!

What's new in 2021? Four new co-hosts, a monthly format, themed episodes, new production and a special new segment we're calling "In Search of Paul Rudd."

What hasn't changed is our commitment to bringing you the behind-the-scenes stories that you've come to expect. So, be sure to head over to Podbean or wherever you prefer to get your favorite podcasts and subscribe. While there, consider revisiting some of our favorite episodes like Return Bin Finds, The Census, Library Hacks, authors interviewing authors like Author Research in Action: Oppenheimer and local musical acts like Miki P

The countdown has begun!   

Last Podcast Episode of 2020

Did you hear? host Dave presented on podcasting--specifically for Libraries and nonprofits--at the Kansas Library Association's annual conference. We share his presentation as a podcast episode. Enjoy.

Here's the description we provided for the program:
We believe subscribable communication is an effective and fun way to reach library audiences—even those you’d never think are podcast addicts. We want to share the lessons we’ve learned over the course of two years and counting while producing the Johnson County Library’s “Did you hear?” podcast. It’s been a twisting and turning journey. We’re ready to help you develop your own pod-voice! Find about strategies taken to engage listeners (and listeners-to-be), how to include library staff in unexpected ways, and why we don’t devote every episode to an upcoming library event. Don’t let the maze of equipment and platforms or time that might be involved intimidate you—we cover all that technical stuff too!

This is our last episode of 2020. Look for our return in 2021 with some fun changes!



Cash Bail

New (bonus) podcast episode!

Cash Bail. What is it and why are we talking about it on the Did you hear? podcast? The Library has always been engaged in the community and we're committed to serving all of our patrons. If you weren't aware of the numerous community outreach services we offer, have a look! In this episode, Librarians Kate and Flannery represent our Incarcerated Services in this interview with Lauren Worley of KC Bail Fund

New 5 for 5 Podcast Episode

It's a brand new Did you hear? podcast episode! And, it's another 5 for 5 format. We talk to another 5 groups of people about 5 topics for 5 minutes at a time. This time around:

  • Instagram
  • MakerSpace Steamroller Printing Press
  • Online Storytimes
  • Newsletters galore
  • Super Special Mystery Guest

We thought about adding even more goodness into this episode, but there is such thing as too much of a good thing.