Did your hear?

Dungeons and Dragons Episode

We have a number of online events including gaming! What kind of gaming? Well, after watching the epic 80’s-set Sci-Fi series Stranger Things, have you become intrigued about the role-playing game: Dungeons and Dragons? In this episode, we talk a bit about online programs and invite three staffers to show Dave the ropes as they play a round of D&D!


We have an exciting Summer Reading-themed show! Our Librarians called in with several recommendations for your little ones. We also asked you on facebook to submit your favorite childhood titles. We mention a number of your suggestions! From those, we created a really great booklist. Before we launch into all that, Melissa Horak-Hern and Dave Carson share memories of their top-five childhood books!

TBT: J. Robert Oppenheimer

Sometimes history is just one week ago. That's when we released our Author Research in Action series where we take an award-winning author and let them dive-into conversation with a subject matter expert! In this rebroadcast, Los Alamos National Laboratory Program Manager and Senior Historian, Alan Carr is paired with author Robert J. Sawyer who’s written a new SciFi/historical fiction/thriller called The Oppenheimer Alternative.

Happy Throwback Thursday! Some call it the best day of the week.

Author Research in Action: Oppenheimer

How do authors know so much about the setting, the professions of their characters, and other real-life details? Well, they do research! 

We’re pretty excited about what will be periodically recurring episodes of the podcast we’re calling “Author Research in Action.”  We take an award-winning author and let them dive-into conversation with a subject matter expert!

This time, Reference Librarian Helen Hokanson hosts a discussion on the Manhattan Project and so much more. Los Alamos National Laboratory Program Manager and Senior Historian, Alan Carr is paired with author Robert J. Sawyer who’s written a new SciFi/historical fiction/thriller called The Oppenheimer Alternative. 

In Case You Missed Our LIVE Episode

We love sharing a weekly word you. This week's word, experiment, is apt for this live episode. Why? We've never done a live episode ... until last Thursday. We (the Royal we) talked to Amy about social media in the COVID-19 era, MakerSpace facilitator Thomas updates the progress they've made in helping first responders and healthcare workers, and we talk to Youth Services Librarian Becky to hear what being a Librarian is like when there is no Library building to go to. It's Did you hear? LIVE!

New Podcast Episode: Miki P

This is the last episode we recorded at the Central Resource Library before the stay at home order. Local Arts Librarian Bryan Voell joined Dave Carson to host local music sensation Miki P! We’re not sure which you’ll enjoy more: our interview with her, or her jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, ear-pleasing live musical performance! Plus, more of your favorite Librarians have phoned in with their best eLibrary picks and favorite author quotes.  

New Podcast Episode: Census 2020

Did you hear about the United States Census 2020? It's kind of a big deal! In fact, it's a requirement of our Constitution that every individual in the country be counted. Even if you are not a citizen, you are legally obligated to answer all Census questions. 

We dive into the what, why, and how. We discuss the importance of the Census and the Library's role as a trusted partner in helping you to participate. History, geology, geography, it's all here. We even help you spot fraud: 

  • No one should be asking for your social security number
  • Census forms do not ask for bank information
  • Y

New Podcast Episode: Branch Managers

In this episode of Did you hear?, it’s a Branch Manager panel. We brought in three branch managers to talk. They compare and contrast their experiences. We take a look at the differences in service populations, facilities, resources, and more. It’s an excellent and insightful discussion. 

Spring Preview

Baby, it's cold outside. But SPRING is coming!!! And, the Library has programs that will not only warm your soul, but defrost your brain as well.

In this episode of Did you hear?, our hosts Dave Carson and Melissa Horak-Hern chat with Christopher Leitch, Ben Oglesby, and Amy Field, about what’s to come in the next few months at the Library! Spoiler alert: it's hot stuff!